19th October 2017
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Masternodes Made Easy – Node-VPS

So you’ve got your 10k crw and you want to setup your Crown Masternode – what next? Well there are some great guides on how to pick a VPS, install the Crown software and configure it to work as a Masternode with your wallet. But that can be tricky for some and utterly impossible for others.

That’s where Node-VPS comes in. If you have the 10k crown in a fresh wallet address, that got there in a single transaction, you can sign up to Node-VPS and in just a few clicks you can have a VPS online and preconfigured for you as well as a configuration file downloaded for you to use on your local wallet. It really is that easy and costs no more than most standard VPS instances anyway.

Node-VPS is the creation of Fabian Olesen (Chaositec) and he has brought this into fruition whilst working full time on the development and direction of the Crown platform. He gave us a little more insight into how things work.

When did you decide you wanted to make an automated masternode tool and how long did it take to get a prototype up and running?

Soon after Crown had release masternode capability, last year, i decided that it would be a good, to create a service like this. since crown wasnt worth much back then the reason why i made it, was to be able to host crown masternodes at a cheap price, i earned nothing, just got the costs covered. From idea, to release, took me 5 days. i was using a 3rd party application, together with a custom linux distro, and some extra code to get things working. but in may it became clear that i was using too much time to keep this running, so i had 2 options, make it a business and rewrite the code from scratch, or shut it down. so, i rewrote everything from scratch.

I used your service in the earlier days, which made things easier for me, but it was not as automated as you have made it now. A lot more work has been done since then. For anyone who is not experienced in setting up a masternode, could you briefly run us through the process?

For those who feel that it might be overwhelming, at node-vps.com we have added a how-to guide, consisting of small videos explaining each step needed. When those steps have been done, then all the user needs to do is copy the output of “masternode outputs” (in crown “throne outputs”) head over to node-vps.com look into Services->Nodes and on the right side there is a button called configuration, press it, and a window opens up where you select your coin, paste in the output from the command in your wallet, submit it, and use the button on the left side to download the configuration, and put into the correct directory. (We have a table where you can see what the correct directory is, in regards to which coin.)

How many active users do you currently service?

I have more than 300 users

How many different types of Node do you cater for?

I offer hosting services for more than 40 different blockchain asset management systems

What payment methods to you accept? Can users pay in crypto?

Payment options are crypto only, but i do take a lot of different crypto as payment I can do PayPal, but as a manual process, and I would rather receive crypto as payment.

What measures can you put in place to make sure an outage at Node-VPS doesn’t have a substantial effect on the coins’ network?

From the beginning i knew that i would become a single point of failure, and therefor i had to find a good solution to prevent this from happening. the solution i am currently employing is, i am present in many different datacenters, so that if a datacenter goes of the radar, it will only affect a smaller number of customers. once in a while, a server might die, but either i get it up quickly, or i move my customers to a new server.

Do you have any limits to how many nodes you would host in terms of reducing centralisation for a coin’s MN network?

My aim, as a business is to host as many as possible, but the golden area is approx 40% of all in 1 coin, which means I don’t have majority of Masternodes in any given coin, 50% means I will turn off hosting for this given coin.


If you want to give Node-VPS a try, head over to


Price from $5 per month

Number of installations: 1360

Data Centers located in:

Quibec, Toronto, Chicago, Strasbourg, Gravelines, Roubaix, Beauharnois, Warsaw, Tokyo, London, Singapore, Frankfurt. More locations coming…

All servers are DDOS protected, with redundant connections, running on SSDs, with locked down vps instances, only accepting signed updates, and no remote shell.

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