2nd October 2017
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Meet-Up for Crown Team and Community November 10-11th

The Crown team will meet in Amsterdam on November 10th and 11th. This will be the fourth official meeting between the Crown team. The 10th will consist of a day-long meeting between the team and the 11th will be a community meet-up.  The three previous meetings have taken place in London, Prague, and Toronto. This meeting expects to be the largest meeting as both the team and community have grown substantially. The core team will continue to work on the implementation of the API, system nodes and the legal framework. The communications team will continue to work on improving educational resources for the community through videos, text tutorials and various social media avenues.

Crown is undergoing a major transition from a community project to a more formal decentralized organization that will be the bedrock for a network of businesses. This meeting should prove to be a major step in bringing Crown to the next level. If you are in the region and would like to meet the Crown team and community, please come by to meet your peers.

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