21st November 2017
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Crown Governance Spotlight (Blockchain-Summit)

CTS will be selecting Crown budget proposals each month to get to know the proposal and the person or team behind them. Each month there will be an article talking to a proposal author about an upcoming proposal and one with a previous proposal author to see how their project went.

This month we have been speaking to Alex Bohoslav, aka Benderweb, to learn about what to expect from his proposal. Alex has been working hard spreading awareness of Crown in  Ukraine and is an active member in the Mattermost chat room. He submitted a proposal to exhibit at the Blockchain Summit in Kiev on the 25th November. His proposal document can be found here https://crown.link/b67y



Hi Alex, Could you tell us a little about your background?
Hi! Almost 10 years ago I started my first own business and even couldn’t imagine that there is another world – cryptospace. Now I’m Crown ambassador in Ukraine and I like it much

When did you first hear about Bitcoin and when did you get into crypto?
in 2014. Its a pity, but I didn’t pay much attention to this phenomenon and returned to the topic only in 2016. But it’s still not late, I think

How did you first hear about Crown?
Like all the beginners I started to trade on the exchanges. Of course, I was looking for the best investments, so I started my own research. Crown was in the list

How long was it before you realised you wanted to become more involved with the Crown project?
The more information I discovered about Crown, the more I became interested in it. I followed news and conversations, then decided to participate in the community development

The Kiev conference looks great and they are expecting quite a crowd. Who will be attending the event and representing Crown?
Me, Artem – our lead developer, and a member from Artem’s team

What kind of information is available and is there anything for the visitors to take away from the Crown stand?
There would be a real-time information from laptop (crown.tech, crown.today etc), brochures with brief information about Crown/Atomic/Nodes, banner. Also, some free stuff, like notepads and pens

What can we expect from you after the event?
The main mission for this event is to spread the Crown idea. We would like to find private persons and businesses interested in our project, share contacts.

Will you be looking at other events and proposals to submit?
We will see after this one, I hope so;)

Thank Alex. Looking forward to speaking to you next month and hearing how it all went. Thanks for all your hard work up to now.

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