13th December 2017
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Crown – Dedicated Support is Here

The Crown team are pleased to announce the introduction of our Crown ZenDesk Support System. Crown Support was started by one of our core developers, Hypermist back in early October and offers Crown users a support system whereby they can create tickets to have common problems resolved by one of our support agents. Many new users face technical difficulties such as Systemnode and Masternode setup, installing and backing up wallets and mobile app issues. With the number of crypto newcomers growing daily, we feel it is essential to provide a simple system in which users can contact us for advice to get those issues resolved quickly.

Since the implementation date on October 10th we have solved 41 tickets with an average response time of just 16 hours. So far, these tickets have mostly been solved by Crownfan and Hypermist.

Moving forwards, Crownfan will be taking organisational lead of the helpdesk with continued support from Hypermist. Hypermist’s extensive knowledge of the crown platform has been vital to providing a fast response in many areas. We have also recently recruited a third team member, Edwardmorra, who is the brother of our Tutorial Videos and Community Ambassador, Twister. We are also looking to add a fourth member to the team in the near future.

With the recent introduction of Systemnodes we have seen an growth in ticket numbers and expect that to increase as Crown continues to develop. We’re really excited about this addition to the Crown project as we know it will be a real benefit to our users.

If you would like contact Crown Support then please email support@crown-support.zendesk.com.

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